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Who We Help

We are proud to be the largest ever donor to Sydney Children’s Hospital.  The Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s has also benefited from a donation of $7.7million.

We are a ‘Founder’ of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead via $5.3million in funding, and ‘Founding Patron’ of the ‘Children’s Cancer Centre’ at Victoria’s Monash Children’s with support of $1.2million to build and fit-out the Cancer Centre.

Since 2003, $1.5 million has been donated to support the Oncology Fellow at Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. We also fund a full-time social worker at Bear Cottage in Sydney’s Manly (their first) and two similar positions at Westmead Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital in Victoria.

Through the social workers we place in children’s hospitals, and ‘Very Special Kids’ and Peter Mac in Victoria, we provide financial and emotional assistance to the families of children with brain tumors, leukaemia and other childhood cancers.

We also pay for car repairs and rental accommodation for country-based families; and funeral expenses for families who have lost a child to cancer.


who we help

Real Stories

Blake Worboys

Blake was diagnosed with a type of brain tumour called low grade pilomyxoid astrocytoma on 9th June 2016, To manage the tumour, Blake has had surgical resection and commenced chemotherapy in July 2016. Blake’s mother, Tracey Power, is a single mother managing the intense care needs that Blake requires as well as maintaining regular household routines for Brendan, Blake’s 8yo brother. Blake is being treated at Randwick Children’s Hospital.

We were introduced to Blake and his family by their Social Worker in November 2017 with a request to cover the cost of their car registration. Since then Kids with Cancer Foundation have assisted Blake’s family with other household bills including Rates, Electricity and Water bills.

Blake Worboys